Hi! My name is Markus Land and I am a Tenure Track Professor at the Department for Mathematics at LMU Munich. I work in algebraic topology and homotopy theory with main current interest in algebraic and hermitian algebraic K-theory and their relation to L-theory and the topology of manifolds.


Before, I was a postdoc in the Topology Group of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, supported by an EU Marie Curie Individual Fellowship* (10/2020 - 01/2022) and a Individiual Research Grant** by the DFG (10/2019 - 09/2020), respectively,


From 2016 till 2019, I was a postdoc in the group of Uli Bunke at the University of Regensburg. 


Before moving to Regensburg I finished my Phd in July 2016 in Bonn under the supervision of Wolfgang Lück.






* Grant agreement No. 888676

** Grant agreement No. 424239956